How to Configure an Email Account in Outlook 2010


Step 1. Go to File and select Add Account


Step 2. Select Manually Configure Server settings click Next


Step 3. Select Internet E-mail then Click Next


Step 4. Enter your email settings

Remember all mail servers are mail.( see below example

The incoming and outgoing mail servers use the same settings

The username is your full email address and then the password is the email password when you set the email up in cPanel

Click Test Account Settings

This will then test incoming and outgoing settings and you should see a green tick by each


IMPORTANT do not select secure password authentication

Step 5. If you wish you can select More Settings

and then the Advanced Tab

This will allow you to set how long the server keeps and handles email

Do not change any of the port settings

Click OK when done and then Next


Step 6. Your Done adding a new account


To Edit a password and settings on an existing Outlook Email account

Step 1. Go to File select Account Settings and then select the change existing connection settings tab that drops down


Step 2. You will then see this box 

Double left click on the email account you wish to change


Step 3. Change the password or settings you require changing


Step 4. For password changes you may need to click More Settings

Then on the Outgoing Server tab set the outgoing username and password

which will be the full email address you are working on and the email passowrd for that account


DO NOT select the box Require Secure Password Authentication as this will cause emails to not function

Click Ok and then Next to finish the changes
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