Using wordpress Fancybox plugin? Please read now

  • 6th February 2015
Dear All,Details have just been released in the press of a "zero day" compromise within a popular add-on to Wordpress called Fancybox.If you run wordpress in your site please make sure that this add-on has been disabled or updated to a version that is safe. It might also be a good time to check Wordpress and any other add-ons are up to date, that ...
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ios and mac email setting issues

  • 13th June 2014
Hi thereWe have been working on some technical issues with emails. To help narrow down any possible issues we have disabled our ASSP anti spam. Thisa is to discount it and its settings.There are several issues one of which is the SSL tick box in outgoing and incoming mail server settings seems to keep checking itself.If SSL is ticked please untick ...
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Server updates and Emails

  • 11th June 2014
Hi thereAs some of you are aware we have been making sure we provide you with the best possible services. As such we have updated some of our server settings.Our php system now uses unique user names so as to avoid any conflicts with other software php settings.We have also been closly monitoring emails. There have been several issues of spam from ...
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Server Email issues

  • 2nd May 2014
Some clients have reported intermitent email sending issues.We have been investigating this issue and found several issues. Firstly a client had a weak password that had allowed someone to send from their account without their knowledge. This has been rectified. We urdge everyone to have strong passwords and change them regularly.If you have ...
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