Email Issues? Please follow this

  • 30th January 2020
HI there,  Ok, I thought Id send this out to hopefully help with this issue... Periodically iOS devices and also some others show an annoying popup saying it " cant identify Server Identity " this can be caused by several things a software update on the device a software update on the email server a change in the domain SSL security ...
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Why some SSL certificates need re-authentication

  • 14th September 2018

HI there, 

We have been selling Geotrust certificates for some time now, and renewals were easy, but due to a change in the semantic certificates we are having to go though all verification again :(

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Any questions on your SSL or want an SSL please get in touch

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Server 1 upgrade tonight

  • 16th July 2018
Server 1 ONLY We did a planned upgrade last week, but one of the servers had to be rolled back and the upgrade delayed.The upgrade is now planned for this evening Monday 16th July 2018It only effects server 1 and we have emailed these clients last week to let them know.  We expect the server to go offline at approx 5pm until possibly ...
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Server1 and Server 2 are having a massive upgrade

  • 9th July 2018
Just to let you know we are planning a major upgrade on two of our servers on Tuesday 10th July We expect the servers to go offline at approx 5pm until possibly midnight. We apologies for this downtime but it is vital to allow out tech team to switch your services onto totally new servers The IP address of your websites, emails and services ...
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