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  • Thursday, 9th January, 2014
  • 03:47am

As Wordpress sites are very common, they can come under regular attack from hackers. You may not even know your site has been tampered with, as they often just insert scripts to send out spam from your domain name. The first you will proberbly know about it is either when your email stops working or Blue SKy Creative contact you about it. While it’s true that WordPress core developers work hard to keep the WordPress platform safe, if you own or operate a WordPress website then you also have a responsibility to keep your site from being compromised.

Blue Sky Creative provide a 'Wordpress Security Addon' service which will cover all of the advised steps, and monitor and update your site each month.

This service includes the following:

Blue Sky Creative will install and set up a backup plugin for you on your Wordpress installation. This will be set to make daily database and content backups and keep them for a period of 30 days. (this service does not include restoration of any backups should you need, but we will assist within our normal support boundaries.

Blue Sky Creative will require a login to the Wordpress install with Administractor access at all times to support you and your website

We will install a couple of Wordpress Security plugins, set them up and check the site is functioning correctly. Rename any Admin username, and set password security level functions. There are many other security settings we will tweak, for optimal security. We may not be able to apply every security option, as this depends on each Wordpress setup and functionality.

Blue Sky Creative will install 'Wordfence' plugin to monitor on going security of the installation.

Once a month we will check your core Wordpress install is up to date, along with any plugins. We will also remove any inactive plugins, as these pose security risks.

Blue Sky Creative will report back to you if any issues are found that may need further addressing.

This Wordpress Security Service Addon is not a guarantee your Wordpress site will remain issue free, but it will go along way to making sure you do not have any unwanted website issues. Hackers, and bot attackers are lazy and will go for the unprotected, out of date Wordpress websites!

If you do not keep up the Wordpress Security Service Addon subscription then your Wordpress install is at risk of being out of date and vulnerable to attack.

To Get the Wordpress Security Addon for your Wordpress Website Now

Simply Login to our client Area here

Under 'Account Statistics' Select

'My Service'

Then Simply Select the 'MANAGE' button next to the service you would like the Wordpress Security Addon to be used with

Scroll down and click the 'Click to view available addons' Button

Click 'Order Now' make your payment and we will do the rest

Normal Price £45 per year - Use Promotional Code: WPsecure for 10% discount at checkout

If you prefer to do this yourself, here is some advice

Here are some of the ways to harden your WordPress security:

1. WordPress Best Practices

Some of the most important things for hardening WordPress include:

  • Making sure your WordPress installation has the latest updates including plugins
  • Minimizing the number of plugins you use (and deleting the ones you don’t)
  • Choosing passwords that are difficult to crack
  • Performing regular data backups
  • Protecting your WordPress using .htaccess

2. Install Security Plugins

Wordfence is a great plugin that will block any IP address that tries to flood or spam your website. It will limit the number of login attempts and monitor all live traffic. It’s being updated and maintained regularly, so you can count on it being on top of all your security issues. This plugin will also inform you via email if anything needs updating.

Better WP Security is another great plugin that will allow you to sleep a little better at night. It’s really a full package, but you should read the FAQ section first before activating it, as it makes some significant changes to your database that you should be aware of. If you install it yourself Blue Sky Creative do not cover problem solving if it goes wrong.

BackWPUp is a free plugin that backs up both your WordPress files and database. I can recommend this plugin because I use it on many websites and I’ve never had any issues with it. Always backup before updating your wordpress install or plugins.

Other plugin options are available but these are recommended by Blue Sky Creative

3. Configure .htaccess

.htaccess stands for Hypertext Access. It’s a configuration file which controls the directory in which it is placed and all sub-directories.

Editing .htaccess file is a serious business and you should not play with it unless you have at least basic coding knowledge. If you don’t feel comfortable editing .htaccess, you can download and install a plugin from WordPress.org repository called WP htaccess Control. It provides an easy interface for editing the file, but also for configuring WordPress permalinks, categories, archives, pagination and custom taxonomies.

You can easily become overwhelmed by the number of options this plugin offers, so just go straight to “htaccess Suggestions” tab once you get to the plugin configuration page. You can then check all the options and your .htaccess will become configured for security.

If you don’t want to install a plugin or need maximum control and want to manually configure it, please be careful.

There isn’t a way to make your WordPress 100% secure, (or any website for that matter) but limiting your website vulnerabilities will repel almost all malicious attacks, because hackers are not known for their patience. If you do however become a victim of a WordPress security breach, we will aim to assist you as best we can.

If you have any further questions or would like us to add the Wordpress Security Addon for you, please email us at sales@blue-sky-creative.com

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