Wordpress Security Addon Now Available

As Wordpress sites are very common, they can come under regular attack from hackers. You may not even know your site has been tampered with, as they often just insert scripts to send out spam from your domain name. The first you will proberbly know about it is either when your email stops working or Blue SKy Creative contact you about ... Read More »

9th Jan 2014
Direct Bank Payments

Please remember that if you pay an invoice direct into our bank then you will need to send a payment email to us to let us know you have made the payment, as the bank is not connected to our auto billing system.Your payment may not be picked up immediately and could then trigger an auto billing issue suspending your services. We don't ... Read More »

28th Aug 2012
Affiliate Scheme Now Available

We have been working hard to get new features out on the website and wanted to reward you! When you recommend us and a friend or colleague takes out one of our hosting packages you can pocket 15% commission. Thasts 15% for as long as the have their hosting with us...so join up now and start making money...

25th Aug 2012
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