Caution using emails Don't get caught out

  • Friday, 1st December, 2017
  • 14:18pm
Hi All

I wanted to share with you some useful information on how to keep yourself safe with emails. 

We recently heard about an incident where a client had emailed one of their clients an invoice for services. 

This was a usual thing and no problems had ever happened before, 

The client then found out that the email invoice had been intercepted and a followup email from the Hacker sent to their client refering to the recent invoice, and explained that they had just changed bank accounts and could the invoice be paid into the new bank account. 

They paid the invoice into the new bank account, not realising that the email had been sent from a fake email account. It had been intercepted we thing by a weak password on the recipients email account. 

SO a few things to learn...

Please add notes to all your invoices NOT TO ALTER BANK DETAILS UNLESS VERBAL confirmation has been made from someone they know and recocnise on the phone, also ask for it in writing on letter headed paper Though SNAIL MAIL

Secondly keep all your email passwords safe

Use only strong passwords with letters, caps and numbers (not P@ssword123 _ or any other silly thing these are first things on hackers lists

Change passwords frequantly

Avoid using your company name like johnlewis123

Any concerns >? Change your passwords for safety

Hope this helps keep people safe 


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