Google warning for insecure websites

  • Monday, 16th October, 2017
  • 20:05pm

Google are now adding warnings to all insecure websites

This is what your browser will look like with a Geotrust True Business ID with EV SSL security Certificate. You also get a website security seal

Geotrust Site Seal

Geotrust True Business ID with EV

If you dont have one of these EV certificates then Google is now showing this warning to all your wesbite visitors

Insecure Site

Checkout what Google have to say and see if your site is okĀ here

We have various SSL certificates to protect your website and reasure your visitors

See here for more info

Or contact Us and we can set it all up for you. You will need to verify some of your information with the SSL company but we will assist you where I can

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