Possible email delivery disruption

  • Friday, 28th July, 2017
  • 08:41am
Hi there

We have had a small issue with spam being sent from server1 with ip address

The sending of the spam emails seems to have been stopped but we expect the server to IP to experience some delivery email issues while the issue is resolved.

There is nothing further we can do at our end, but monitor the outgoing email delivery situation, 

If you think your emails are not being delivered to its destination please contact the person you are emailing and ask them to white list your domain name, and also the ip address on their server system

This may mean adding you to their whitelist or address book

We will update you is we learn any more,

Please keep all passwords to email addresses safe, and do not use the same password for everything !

We advise the use of password software such as 1password


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