server update and wordpress issues

  • Tuesday, 12th May, 2015
  • 13:45pm

Hi All

server update: ok, after a night of going though all of the sites on the server we have shut down all out of date Wordpress websites and contacted the relevant owners asking them to contact us to gain access to update them.

Many thanks to those who had already updated their sites and those who swiftly did so.

If you check your website and it is not there then please contact us so we can help you update and bring your site back online

The server is scheduled to be offline this evening for a short time to allow for vital scans and maintenance that we delayed to keep service disruption to a minimum

Apologies for the downtime but on a shared server there are always knock on effects of others on the same server.

If you would like to discuss options to move your sites to dedicated services then please get in touch as we will assist in this for you.

Any questions please get in touch via our support tickets at

 Many thanks


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